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The Mayer Law Office is the family's first law office that provides healthy entrepreneurs and loved people with the legal services they need to protect their assets, businesses and land. The Mayer Law Office helps protect and build your wealth and family at the same time. When we embody the spirit of starting a business, we believe that life and business work together, and the family business protects your family. If you hire a Meyer Law Office and represent it, you will hire a lawyer. The lawyer will pay his own personal attention and provide the best legal representative possible.

Established in 2013


The Mayer Law Office is the family's first law office that provides healthy entrepreneurs and loved people with the legal services they need to protect their assets, businesses and land. Dell offers: - Real estate planning (Wills &) (trust) - Business Act - Personal injury About Eric S. Meyer, Esq. : Eric Meyer specializes in protecting customers' lives through serious personal injury and asset protection. It depicts the background of public services, criminal trials, and insurance laws, and accurately understands and represents customers and their families. In 2013, Eric and his wife Ashley established a Meyer Law Office in Northern California to provide legal guidance for experts on injury and real estate. Eric is also host the simultaneous radio show "The Wealth &" a family show They live in West Sacramento with their sons Brian Jay and Easton. About Ashley B. Meyer, Esq. : Ashley Meyer is an "executor" who works with families and business owners who want to "do well" and is able to feel at ease in the way they handle their land. She is from Sacramento and shares her Mayer's law firm with her husband Eric, who threw stones out of the state assembly. When she's not at the office, Ashley wants to encourage the group of business owners and fool both sons. Sometimes at the same time.

Eric and Ashley Meyer are legal partnerships between husbands and wives behind Meyer Law Office.   Because both the parents and the family of the lawyer were full of business owners, they were driven by an immeasurable passion for pursuing the legal expression of sound and entrepreneurial individuals and families.   Their family business is Wealth & is protected and growing. a family

Ashley M.
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This husband's wife team is really real. They love their community and their own hard-working people. I believe Mayer is my life and family life!

12/29/2020 08:04pm



Eric and Ashley are the couple's super lawyer duo!  I'm dating many lawyers in my work, so when I say they're the two best lawyers, I believe me.  My experience with them was wonderful.  They demonstrate compassion and competent lawyers and know how to get results very close.  I don't hesitate to ask them to represent me or to get them to deal with the problem of property planning.  While lawyers often receive bad accusations, Eric and Ashley work for the right reasons, and even if their interests were the worst, they did the right thing.  They got it.  Good luck!

01/01/2021 04:37am



There are options from Legal Zoom and other dot-com law makers to manage legal submissions, but if you need more than the items you have checked and filled out, we recommend the Meyer Law Offices team. A few years ago, I had to complete the submission of the documents, and I felt flustered that while the documents looked intuitive (many people could submit without using this hand), I might miss a problem on the street. From the beginning, they "out of the papers", thought that the documents I needed were appropriate, and that I would deal with problems I had never thought about. By being able to trust my expertise and personal investment in my needs, I have changed to a more positive relationship, such as the future use, and the introduction of friends and family. Finally, I would like to emphasize that the term "customer service" does not apply, since I don't even have "customers" or "customers." Customers are building true personal relationships with their customers. They reassured me and convinced me that I have the expertise and value of time and investment. And I would be happy to recommend their services.

12/26/2020 12:03pm